Everything For Tha Kitty was created to help women LOVE there Kitty (Vagina) we have to love ourselves which is the foundation of our problems, you have to appreciate your Vagina. Understanding that all products made are not for the Kitty. Lets take care of our Kitty with herbs and organic oils. As I have studied herbs that cater to our women hood and catering to many concerns that may come about.

Have you ever been in a don't care mood, not the I don't care how clean my body is, but I just don't feel like being bothered, if you answered yes, Yep me too. I remember one day waking up and having the worst pelvic pain, a girl can have. So of course I took some Tylenol and prayed for the pain to go away. Well the pain keep coming and going for about 4 days, until next I started having the urge to urinate, so every time I had the urge to urinate but nothing never came out. This went on for about a week, yea like who waits that long well me. So I finally started worry about all the issues I was experiencing from my kitty, and went to the emergency room. Were the heart break begin. I was immediately sent to the back to get a vaginal sonogram and the tech was there for a very long time, so I knew something wasn't right. I asked her Sarah is everything ok, she said the Dr has to discuss your results with you. So as soon as she's done I see the Dr and she advised me that I need to have emergency surgery due to cell 16 & 18 changes in my ovarian area. I was lost, scared and had no clue what to do. So I asked if I could schedule it for next day because I needed to talk to my family first and she stated yes. Well long story short went home prayed and prayed for 4 days and started studying herbs and my conditions, I tested many herbs until I came up with Kitty Kisses and it changed my life, I mean changed it, the pain went away the urge went away and 60 days later my test were negative. "THANK GOD" so I continued my journey to craft herbs to make soaps to cater to Everything that the Kitty needs. I'm not claiming to cure anything just sharing my experience!

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